Outdoor Visitation Guidelines

The following guidelines are in place for outdoor visitations:

  1. Appointment must be made PRIOR to visiting with the social worker and authorized by IDT team

  2. Visitations will be limited to 2 visitors and will be allowed for duration of 15 minutes per visit, limited to twice a week and preferred time of visit is 1 PM to 4 PM at this time. Visitation timeframe is subject to change due to staffing availability, weather inclement and the safety and health of the residents.

  3. Visitors must be 14 years of age or older

  4. Resident should be consulted to determine who they wish to visit in person

  5. Visitors must be medically stable the day of visit and show no signs or symptoms of COVID-19

  6. Resident must be medically stable on the day of visit; visits may be canceled if resident is not medically stable

  7. Visitors will be screened at the reception area using COVID-19 screening assessment tool and temperature check prior to visitation and then will be told to wait in the designated outside area for the resident to be brought down

  8. Visitors and resident must give written consent on the visit and be aware of the possibly risk and danger for COVID-19 exposure

  9. Visit will be held in our designated front patio when weather permitted, visits may be canceled due to rain, high humidity, heat, poor air quality etc. Designated area may be subject to change

  10. Resident and visitors must maintain 6 feet of social distancing and must wear masks/face covering, no physical contact.

  11. Visit will be supervised by our recreation staff/designee wearing a mask.

  12. PPE, disinfect wipes and hand sanitizer will be made available at the designated outside area

  13. Resident’s that are COVID-19 (+), quarantined on observation or suspected of COVID-19 will NOT be allowed to visit until they are discontinued on isolation as per facility’s protocol

  14. Resident’s that have tested positive COVID-19 can visit once their isolation is discontinued as per facility’s protocol.

  15. Restrooms will not be available to visitors and visitors are not allowed beyond reception area in the lobby

  16. Food is not permitted during the visit. Facility will provide appropriate hydration for the resident during the visit as needed

  17. Visitors may bring items for the resident but must leave packages at the reception desk

  18. Visitor’s that have traveled to states listed on the travel advisory for NJ cannot visit until 14 days of quarantine is completed