Pediatric Wound Care Services

The Children’s Center at The Phoenix provides exceptional wound care services for our pediatric residents. We provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art wound care treatment and therapy for children with complicated, non-healing wounds and chronic illness.

Our specially trained physicians and nurses use advanced therapies and proven clinical protocol to successfully treat complex wounds that have previously resisted healing.

We specialize in the treatment of the following wound types:

- Abscesses - An inflamed pocket of pus or subdermal infection that collects in tissues, organs, voids or spaces inside the body. Absessess can significantly impact a quality of life and can be debilitatingly uncomfortable.

- Burns - Burns can be seen in many different forms and the treament protocal vary incredibly. Pain management and sterile wound care are critical bractices we perform. A burn can be classified as damage to the skin or deeper tissues and can be caused by the sun, hot liquids, fire or heat, electricity, steam, friction, metal or chemicals.

- Cellulitis - A common and potentially serious bacterial skin infection. Not to be confused with dermatitis or edema, cellulitis is a subdermal infection that can lead to open wounds and debilitating sores.

- Pressure Ulcers - This is commonly known as bed sores. Pressure ulceres or pressure sores can cause injury to skin and underlying skin tissue, resulting from prolonged pressure on the skin.

- Surgical Wounds - A surgical wound is a cut or incision in the skin that is usually made by a scalpel during surgery. Today with laser incisions and advanced surgical alternatives, wound care has also significantly evolved. A surgical wound can also be the result of a drain placed during surgery or some other semi-permanent protocol. Surgical wounds vary greatly in size, risk to the patient and protocol for care. Surgical wounds are usually closed with sutures or other skin aligning methods, but are sometimes left open to heal.

- Traumatic Wounds - A traumatic wound is an abrupt unforeseen injury that can range from minor issues such as a severely skinned knee, to severely traumatic such as a gunshot wound are violent trauma from a car accident, dismemberment or puncture. Traumatic wounds include abrasions, lacerations, skin tears, bites, burns, and penetrating trauma wounds as well.