Pediatric Complex Medical Conditions

At the Phoenix Center for Pediatrics we understand that medically fragile infants and children may require a wide range of clinical interventions. Our staff of pediatricians, occupational and physical therapists, specialized pediatric nurses, and supportive intervention staff work to treat the entire child and their families. Children with complex medical conditions deserve the highest standard of care.

Medically Complex Children (MCC) are evaluated as children meeting one of 2 standard criteria:

(1) The child presents 2 or more complex health related conditions that can be either chronic and long term sustained or expected to have a long duration of intervention (>12 months).

(2) The child presents one significantly complex health related condition that requires technology dependence and mor often than not, requires specialty care, including patients with complex psychological, behavioural or social conditions.

Medical technology dependence is defined as the daily requirement of intervention from a medical device to replace or compensate for the loss or malfunction of a vital bodily function. Pediatric interventions include but are not limited to, ventilator care, tracheostomy care, oxygen administration, g-tube feedings, medication and formula administration.

Medically fragile conditions include, but are not limited to, the following: