Our Amenities

Pediatrics Special Amenities


The Children’s Center at the Phoenix has an onsite Department of Education State School which consists of classrooms each equipped with medical gas outlets, and can serve children ages 3 to 21. School hours are 9:30 to 2:30 Monday - Friday. All teachers are New Jersey State Certified teachers of the handicapped. The school services the individual educational needs of children who are medically fragile and require continuous high level skilled nursing care. A multisensory approach to learning is delivered through an interdisciplinary/functional model. If indicated, community school options are also available to our residents.


Recreational Therapists provide varied, stimulating and individualized play, recreation and leisure activities to improve the physical, cognitive, and social emotional abilities of our pediatric residents. Recreation activities include arts and crafts, music, sensory stimulation, reading, games, cooking, and gross motor activities designed to enhance quality of life, independence, and to reduce or eliminate the effects of illness or disability. Our children also enjoy monthly Horticulture, pet therapy, pony visits, monthly birthday parties, exercise programs, and trips, and Library hour