Permitted Indoor Visitation Guidelines

The following guidelines are in place for indoor visitations:

  1. Appointment must be made one day PRIOR to visiting with the social worker/designee.

  2. Visitations will be allowed for duration of 60 minutes per visit inside the designated room for 2 times a week. Visitation timeframe is subject to change due to staffing availability, for the safety and health of the residents and number of visitors allowed in the building during the given time.

  3. Visitors must be 18 years of age or older and is limited to two people at one time per resident.

  4. Each resident will be permitted to have one visit per day

  5. Resident must be medically stable on the day of visit; visits may be canceled if resident is not medically stable 

  6. Visitors will be screened using COVID-19 screening tool and temperature check prior to visitation in designated area. Visitor with temperature of 99.5 or higher will not be permitted to visit.

  7. Visitors are highly encouraged to do routine COVID-19 testing especially if visits are more frequent. Visitors are encouraged to present a negative COVID-19 result no more than 7 days prior to each scheduled visit. Subject to change 

  8. Visitors must give written consent on the visit and be aware of the possibly risk and danger for COVID-19 exposure. Indoor visitation guidelines will be given on every visit along with instructions on how to use PPE. 

  9. Visitors will be provided instructions on hand hygiene and location of hand sanitizers, provided instructions on limited surfaces touched and will provide PPE with instructions how to don and doff. Visitors must always have on PPE during visitation.

  10.  Visitors will complete a questionnaire about symptoms and potential exposure. The questionnaire shall include at a minimum: (i) Whether in the last 14 days, the visitor has had an identified exposure to someone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, someone under investigation for COVID-19, or someone suffering from a respiratory illness; (ii) whether the visitor has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and has not yet met criteria for the discontinuation of isolation per guidance issued by NJDOH and CDC; and (iii) whether in the last 14 days, the visitor has returned from a state on the designated list of states under the 14-day quarantine travel advisory; and (iv) Observation of any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.

  11. Visit will be held in our designated indoor area or if patient is in a private room, that room can be used. Visitors will walk to designated room while maintaining social distance from other residents.

  12. Residents that can tolerate mask must always wear it during the visit

  13. Resident will be transported from his/her room to the designated area by staff/designee 

  14. During visitations, visitors will be informed to refrain physical contact with residents and others while in the facility and maintain 6 feet apart from others. Encourage any permitted, screened visitors to practice social distancing with no handshaking or hugging and remaining six feet apart.

  15. PPE, disinfect wipes and hand sanitizer will be made available at the designated area

  16. Resident’s that are COVID-19 (+), quarantined on observation or suspected of COVID-19 will NOT allowed to visit until they are discontinued on isolation as per facility’s protocol.

  17. Resident’s that have tested positive COVID-19 can visit once their isolation is discontinued as per facility’s protocol.

  18. All newly admitted residents and re-admitted residents are excluded from visitation until their 14-day observation period is discontinued 

  19. Visitor’s that have traveled to states listed on the travel advisory for NJ cannot visit until 14 days of quarantine is completed

  20. Food is not permitted during the visit. Facility will provide appropriate hydration for the resident during the visit as needed. Visitor may bring their own water but cannot share with resident

  21. Visitors may bring items for the resident but must leave packages at the reception desk

  22. Designated indoor visitation room/resident’s private room will be disinfected after every visit by housekeeping department

  23. Visitation will be suspended for (14) days in the case of any new onset of COVID-19 cases on the respective floor and/or when the facility is conducting outbreak testing.

  24. Any visitor that does not follow the rules will be asked to leave immediately and will not be permitted for future visits. Any resident that does not follow the rules will also be excluded from visits.